BONNE PIOCHE MUSIC helps find composers, manage the executive production of music and seek potential partnerships for financing original scores.

Bonne Pioche Music

Created 10 years ago upon signing its first original cinema score with Emilie Simon for “March of the Penguin”, Bonne Pioche Music is an independent music publisher offering its services to different types of feature and TV films.

Bonne Pioche Music provides taylor-made professional assistance from line production and music supervision to publishing.

Bonne Pioche Music reaches out to a wide array of musical artists who compose on-screen original music, and who nurture Bonne Pioche Music existing music library. Among them are Laurent Garnier, Wax Tailor, Charlélie Couture, Hugh Coltman, Alice Lewis, Emily Loizeau, David Reyes, Demusmaker, Nicolas Errera, Thomas Roussel, Fabrice Viel, La Fugitive to name a few.

Bonne Pioche Music has taken care of the original score of more than 300 hours of TV films as well as a dozen pf feature films including :

– Fanny’s Journey by Lola Doillon.  music by Sylvain Favre. Produced by Origami Films and Bee Films, distributed by Diaphana.

– Cease fire by Emmanuel Courcol.  music by Jérôme Lemonnier Produced by Polaris Film, distributed by Le Pacte.

– We are family by Gabriel Julien-Laferrière.  music by Da Silva. Produced by Bonne Pioche Cinéma and Rezo Productions, distributed by UGC.

– Les Pépites by Xavier by Lauzanne.  music by Camille Rocailleux Produced by Aloest Productions and Bonne Pioche Cinéma, distributed by Rezo Films.

– Crash Test Aglaé by Eric Gravel.  music by Jean-Michel Pigeon Produced by Novoprod, distributed by Le Pacte.

– Twisting Fate by Christophe Lioud, musique Eric Neveux Produced by Bonne Pioche Cinéma, distributed by Distrib Films

– March of the Penguin by Luc Jacquet, musique Emilie Simon, Produced by Bonne Pioche Cinéma, distributed by Disney.

– The fox and the child by Luc Jacquet, musique Evguéni Galperine, Alice Lewis et David Reyes Produced by Bonne Pioche Cinéma, distributed by Disney.

– Hollywood, I’m Sleeping over Tonight by Antoine by Maximy, musique Fabrice Viel Produced by Bonne Pioche Cinéma, distributed by Disney.

– Min Yé by Souleymane Cissé, musique David Reyes Produced by Les Films Cissés

– Behind the wall by Pascal Sid et Julien Lacombe, musique David Reyes Produced by Sombrero Films, distributed by Bac Films.

– Léa by Bruno Rolland, musique Dinner At the Thompson’s Produced by Paraiso Productions, distributed by Zelig Films Distribution.

– On air by Pierre Pinaud, musique Maidi Roth Produced by Estrella productions / Bonne Pioche Cinéma, distributed by Diaphana.

– Once upon a forest by Luc Jacquet, musique Eric Neveux Produced by Bonne Pioche Cinéma, distributed by Disney.

– A song for mama by Joël Franka, musique David Reyes Produced by Bonne Pioche Cinéma, distributed by Disney.

– Before Snowfall by Hisham Zaman, musique David Reyes Produced by Paradox

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