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Bonne Pioche Productions

Bonne Pioche is an independent house created in 1993 and producing for cinemas, TV broadcasters, and platforms. It is currently run by two of its founders and producers, Yves Darondeau and Emmanuel Priou, surrounded by a team of 30+ permanent staff led by Pascal Guerrin, Managing Director.

Its fields of activity encompass the production of :
– Documentaries, magazines, for television and platforms with Bonne Pioche Television,
– Feature films with Bonne Pioche Cinema,
– Dramas for television and platforms with Bonne Pioche Story,
– Recording and co-production of theatre shows with Bonne Pioche Spectacle
– Music for film and television with Bonne Pioche Music,
– To Documentary distribution in France and abroad with Lucky You.

Bonne Pioche has a track record of 500 hours of documentaries, 17 feature films, 30 theatre recordings, 3000 music titles and a 600 hours catalog in distribution.

the team

Emmanuel Priou
Producer - Partner